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Equine products GastroCare GastroCare 3 kg

GastroCare 3 kg


GastroCare is a scientifically formulated food supplement designed to have a multi-faceted approach to gastro-intestinal health.
Over 60% of sport horses experience gastric problems due to a diet of low volume bulk feed and high grain diets, which results in excess acid in the stomach.
GastroCare contains natural buffers plus alfa-Glutamine to help counteract the gastric effects of modern feeding practices.

  • GastroCare neutralises excess acid.
  • GastroCare soothes the gastric lining.
  • GastroCare can also help crib biters and wind suckers (conditions associated with excess gastric acid).

Ingredients (per kg)

Dicalcium Phosphate
Carbonates (Sodium & Calcium)
Apple Fibre Pectin Complex

Typical Analysis %

Crude Protein 26.70 %
Crude Oils & Fats <0.50 %
Crude Fibre 7.81 %
Crude Ash 23.50 %
Moisture 4.70 %

Mode of Action

  • L-Glutamine

    L-Glutamine is the main ingredient for intestinal protection.
    - Promotes mucosal growth and regeneration.
    - Decreases bacterial translocation from the gut by reducing intestinal permeability.

  • Carbonates (Sodium & Calcium)

    Carbonates promote stomach health by two main mechanisms

    1. Buffering of excess gastric acidity (allowing gastric mucosa to repair).
    2. Direct help for the gastric mucosa.
  • Dicaclium Phosphate

    Dicaclium Phosphate provides a source of calcium and phosphorus.

  • Apple Fibre Petcin Complex

    Apple Fibre Petcin Complex (supplies soluble & insoluble fibres) delays gastric emptying and helps protect gut wall mucosa.


1.8 kg, 3 kg & 20 kg white powder in container with re-sealable bag and measuring scoop.

Feeding Recommendations

Initial (For the first 30 days)

Foals: 15 gms level scoop per feed 3 times daily
Adult Horse: 30 gms per feed 3 times daily


Adult Horse: 1 level scoop per feed 3 times daily

References available on request.

Price: 90.00 € / 3 kg