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Nutri Joint

What is Nutri-Joint?

Nutri-Joint helps improve joint stiffness

Why does a pet need Nutri-Joint?

  • As pets get older the ‘wear & tear’ on their joints may cause stiffness and other problems
  • Certain breeds of dogs are particularly prone to joint problems (e.g. Labradors, Dalmatians)
  • These and older dogs need extra ‘joint nutrients’ to help rebuild and help their joints.

How does Nutri-Joint Work?

  • Glucosamine – This is a ‘building block’ for new joint materials, and it also helps start-off the new building process
  • MSM - This is a natural sulphar compound which helps soothe tired joints and improves mobility
  • Vitamin C - This vitamin is an antioxidant and helps protect the joint cartilage
  • Manganese - This is an important mineral in the manufacture of new joint material

What is in Nutri Joint?

Ingredients per 1 kg

Glucosamine HCL - 120000 mg
MSM - 50000 mg
Vitamin C - 10000 mg
Manganese Sulphate - 500 mg

How does it come?

250 ml caramel flavoured liquid. There is a measuring cup on the top of the bottle to help you give the correct amount.

How much to give?

Give by pouring over the pets’ food. Give the following amount:

Pet Weight Amount to give
Up to 5 kg 2.5 ml daily
5 – 10 kg 5 ml daily
10 – 20 kg 10 ml daily
20 – 30 kg 15 ml daily
Over 30 kg 20 ml daily

For dogs over 40 kg give a maximum of 20 ml per day.

This product is for animal use only. Keep it out of reach of children and out of direct sunlight. Store the product in a cool dry place between 15-25ºC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a pet stay on Nutri-Joint?

Dogs should take Nutri Joint for a minimum of 1 month. However, because joint problems usually develop and progress over time, Nutri-Joint should be continued long term. It is possible to stop using Nutri-Joint and then reintroduce it if the problems reoccur.

How soon should an effect be seen?

Nutri-Joint takes a few days to build up in the body so an effect should be seen with in 7 to 10 days.

How do I give Nutri-Joint to my pet?

Nutri-Joint can be poured over food as required. Use the handy measuring cup on the top of the bottle for ease of use.

Can I give Nutri-Joint to my cat?

Yes, Nutri-Joint is effective for cats. Simply give the amount according to your pets weight as shown on the bottle.

Can Nutri Joint be given with other feeds or supplements?

Yes. Nutri-Joint can be given in addition to any other supplements.

How many dogs develop joint problems?

25 – 30% of all dogs develop joint problems

At what age do dogs develop joint problems?

Joint problems can occur at any age depending on the cause. However joint problems occur in many older dogs from the ages of 5 years.

What breeds of dogs are predisposed to joint problems?

Golden retrievers, rottweilers, German Shepards and other large breeds. However all older dogs have an increased risk of joint problems.

Can Nutri-Joint be used for working dogs?

Yes. Nutri-Joint would be very effective for working dogs who have extra pressure on their joints by the nature of their training.

How long will a bottle of Nutri Joint last?

A 250 ml bottle of Nutri-Joint will last 50 days for a 10 kg dog.

What is the quality of the ingredients used in Nutri-Joint?

All NutriPet products are manufactured using pharmaceutical grade raw materials. NutriPet products are manufactured in a food grade facility to ISO 9001:2000 international standard.

Price: 9.95 € / 250 ml