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Equine products NutriLyte NutriLyte 1,5 kg

NutriLyte 1,5 kg


NutriLyte is recommended to meet the increased electrolyte needs of the equine athlete.
Training, travelling, hot conditions and stress deplete electrolytes.

NutriLyte replenishes these electrolytes along with water-soluble vitamins and easily absorbable carbohydrates to prevent cramping and dehydration.

Mode of Action

NutriLyte has a unique action that not only reduces losses of solute nutrients but also influences the overall metabolism of the exhausted horse for rapid restoration and stabilisation of the performance capacity.

  • Provides mineral salts that are required for the intracellular and extracellular body fluids.
  • Provides a source of easily absorbable carbohydrates, which help replete glycogen stores, post exercise.

Ingredients (per 1 kg)

Sodium Chloride 88 gm
Sodium Citrate 45 gm
Potassium Chloride 50 gm
Phosphate 13 gm
Vitamin C 7.5 gm
Maltodextrin 790 gm
Apple Flavour

Typical Analysis %

Crude Carbohydrate 80.10 %
Crude Protein <0.50 %
Crude Oils & Fats <0.50 %
Crude Fibre <0.50 %
Crude Ash 12.50 %
Moisture 7.40 %


1.5 kg & 10 kg white powder in container with re-sealable bag and measuring scoop.

Feeding Recommendations

Add 1 scoop (30gm) to feed daily.
Alternatively mix in 3 litres of water (mix while adding).

The maximum recommended amount is 100 gm per animal per day for 1-3 days.

Water should be freely available at all times.

Scoop contains 30 gm.

References available on request.

NutriLyte - Electrolyte Replacement

Price: 27.20 € / 1,5 kg