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Equine products GastroCare GastroCare Gel 2x60 ml

GastroCare Gel 2x60 ml


GastroCare Gel is an oral gel containing natural buffers, which help neutralise excess gastric acid and ease gastric discomfort.

The benefit of the gel is that it can be given without food eg when travelling or during shows, when extra stress and periods of fasting can exacerbate gastric upset.


Aluminium Hydroxide
Calcium Carbonate
Apple Flavour

Mode of Action

  • Aluminium Hydroxide and Calcium Carbonate – promote stomach health by two main mechanisms :
  • Buffering of excess gastric acid
  • Direct protection of the gastric wall


2 x 60 ml Oral Syringes

Feeding Recommendations

Give ½ - 1 syringe of GastroCare Gel every 6 hours

For long term management of gastric upset, use GastroCare Powder which has the added benefit of Glutamine and soluble fibres

Price: 12.10 € / 2 x 60 ml