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Equine products NutriLyte NutriLyte Gold Gel 2x60 ml

NutriLyte Gold Gel 2x60 ml


A concentrated oral electrolyte gel, which supplies the key electrolytes in the most effective ratio for absorption.


Per 1000 ml 60 ml
Sodium 40.50 gm 2.43 g
Chloride 40.50 gm 2.43 g
Potassium 20.25 gm 1.22 g
Calcium 6.20 gm 0.37 g
Magnesium 3.10 gm 0.19 g
Dextrose 260.00 gm 15.60 g


Replacement of electrolyte loss

  • If training hard, electrolytes should be given daily.
  • Electrolytes should approximate losses in sweat.
  • Electrolytes lost are mainly Na, CI, K in ratios of 2:2:1.
  • Always have Free Access to Water when giving electrolytes.

Mode of Action

  • Normally feed supplies electrolytes, and the kidney does the balancing. With modest electrolyte imbalance this may take 2-3 days.
  • If electrolytes are imbalanced and only water is given, there can be a worsening of imbalance in the short-term.
  • NutriLyte Gold Gel also contains an easily absorbable form of carbohydrate/energy.
  • NutriLyte Gold Gel replaces electrolytes lost in sweat.


2 x 60 ml Oral Syringes

Feeding Recommendations

Give 60 ml directly after exercise, making sure water is freely available.
A further 60 ml can be given after 6 hours.

1 gel replaces losses of electrolytes equivalent to 1% fluid loss.
2 syringes can be given after strenuous workout.

Always have free access to water.

Must be given a minimum of 3 hours before exercise.

For daily long-term electrolyte replacement use NutriLyte Powder 1.5 kg.

Price: 12.10 € / 2 x 60 ml