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Equine products Ultra E Ultra E 1,5 kg

Ultra E 1,5 kg


Ultra E provides a bio available source of Vitamin E and Selenium plus Lysine and Vitamin C in quantities that will have a real benefit to muscle cell development and repair.

Additives (per kg)

Vitamin E 50,000 iu
Selenium chelate complex 10 mg
Lysine 100,000 mg
Vitamin C 40,000 mg

Typical Analysis %

Crude Carbohydrate 81.5 %
Crude Protein 7.6 %
Crude Oils & Fats 2.0 %
Crude Fibre 0.3 %
Crude Ash 2.1 %
Moisture 5.9 %

Mode of Action

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an essential fat-soluble vitamin that plays a key role in immune-system function, protecting the membranes of red blood cells and nerves and protecting muscle cells from damage by free radicals.


Selenium is a trace mineral that is essential to good cell health but required only in small amounts. Selenium is a co-factor for some Vitamin E activity. It is a component of glutathione peroxidase, an enzyme that deactivates peroxides and protects cells from oxidative damage.


Lysine is an essential amino acid which plays an essential role in muscle development in growing animals and those in serious training. Lysine is one of the building blocks for muscle cells and the requirements vary according to age and activity.


1.5 kg and 3 kg white powder in container with re-sealable bag and measuring scoop.

Feeding Recommendations

Adult Horse: 50 g daily
Mares: 25 g daily
Foals & young horses: 25 g daily

Scoop contains 25 gm.

References available on request.

Ultra E – For Optimal Function

Price: 47.50 € / 1,5 kg