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Gastro Care - treatment of stomach ulcers in horses 20 Kg

Gastro Care - treatment of stomach ulcers in horses 20 Kg

VAT Included

Prevention is more effective than treatment.

It is estimated that 70 to 80% of the entire immune system is in the gut. Nutritious beneficial bacteria can help support a healthy gut barrier and stomach microflora balance.


Gastro Careit helps protect the gastric mucosa and has a positive effect on digestion problems or stomach ulcers. It regulates digestion, balances pH and reduces the risk of stomach ulcers.


Gastro Care is recommended to serve : 

pri pain stomach (stress, irregular feeding)

for stomach ulcers 

with difficulty maintaining weight

with frequent diarrhea

when traveling


We recommend giving it twice a year, as a monthly treatment.




  • Product information

    Sodium and calcium carbonates act as antacids by helping to neutralize excess stomach acidity to allow the stomach lining to regenerate.


    Apple fiber and pectin complex supply soluble and insoluble fibers, help stabilize the protective layer of mucus on the stomach lining, as well as binding (neutralizing) bile acids. L-glutamic acid contributes to the healthy functioning of the digestive system.

    The results:

    • supporting healthy digestion
    • protection against further damage
    • behavior improvement
    • healthy appetite
    • calmer behavior in horses 
  • Dosage

    Dosage at the beginning:


    Foals:15 g scoop, 3 times a day with food


    Adult horses:30 g scoop, 3 times a day with food


    After 30 daysyou can reduce the dosage by half.


    Each serving provides approximately six hours of protection.


    1.8 kg - 40 days (foals), 20 days adult horses 


    3 kg - 66 days (foals), 33 days adult horses


    20 kg - 1333 days (foals), 222 days old horses

  • Composition of the product and its ingredients

    Carbonates 313 g (sodium carbonate 280 g
    calcium carbonate 33 g)

    L-glutamic acid 218 g

    Apple fiber pectin complex 200 g (apple fiber 167 g, pectin 33 g)

    Calcium phosphate 75 g

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