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Ambassadors and NutriScience riders

Nutriscience accessories are used by professional riders from all over the world. We have selected for you the most successful Nutriscience products have helped them to grow their careers. 

Kate Dwyer

Kate is one of the best dressage riders in Ireland with excellent results. Kate is the first Irish rider to win a 5 * Grand Prix special. She achieved this amazing feat in Doha, Qatar in 2020 with her horse Snowdon Faberge. Kate was also a member of the team that qualified for the Olympics last year. Kate is on the Tokyo 2021 Irish Dressage Olympic Team and has used NutriScience products throughout her career  Equine Gold  a  Arthri Aid  .


Alberto Giugni

Italian race rider Alberto is a proud ambassador of the NutriScience brand. Alberto is a member of the Italian team, based in the United Kingdom. He represented Italy at the 2005 European Championships in Blenheim and at the 2006 World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany. Alberto regularly competes internationally in the UK and Ireland with a number of significant results, including the fact that his horse Mischievous achieved an Olympic qualification and the other his horse was also almost qualified. Alberto runs the highly successful Downs Equestrian Center in Wiltshire - a purpose-built competition horse training facility. Alberto has been using NutriScience supplements for several years. She likes  AnxiKalm soothing paste , which has become an integral part of competitions for every horse that is tense in dressage or parkour riding.


Siân Coleman

Irish eventier Siân Coleman is the newest rider to join NutriScience as the brand's ambassador. Siân is a very well established racer based in Mallow in Co Cork. It has had a number of significant successes in both Ireland and the UK, with one of the highlights winning last year's CCI *** in Camphire. It has a very versatile team of horses, including two 4 * horses, as well as several horses from the World Horse Championships. Siân is a member of the Irish Olympic Horizon staff and in 2021 he focused on 5 * competitions. Siân uses the supplement with great success  AnxiKalm Compete  . The AnxiKalm supplement helped the horses a lot. Thanks to AnxiKalm, the horses were balanced and calm. Siân is a big AnxiKalm Compete fan  because it can be used during competitions, as it does not contain prohibited substances.


Alicia Griffiths

Lifelong rider Alicia rode a PSG and trained on Inter 1, until she suddenly and unexpectedly lost her sight at the age of 19. Love and passion for horses gave her the determination to continue riding parachuting. Alicia competed for Great Britain in para dressage with Agreus Ophelia (alias  Darcy) at the silver and gold level. In 2019, she was selected to Team GB to compete in Bishop Burton and Keysoe with Darcy. As a result of the international victory, Alicia and Darcy have now been selected and invited to the British Equestrian Federation podium. In April 2019, Darcy was diagnosed with grade 4 ulcers and was added to the feed ration on veterinary advice.  GastroCareGastroCare  helps Darcy with ulcers. For 2021, Alicia is looking forward to domestic and international races.


Ciaran Glynn

Ciaran is a rider at international events who has competed up to the level of European Championships. He participated in 5 * events in Badmintion and Burghley in Great Britain and was also successful in the domestic international race in Ireland. He is an FEI Level 1 coach and trains riders, organizes clinics at Killossery Lodge - his base in Swords Co. Dublin. Ciaran trains young and competitive horses from Killossery. Ciaran used various NutriScience supplements including  Equine Gold  and observes better health in his horses.


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