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Farrier´s Choice for strong and healthy hooves 1.2 Kg

Farrier´s Choice for strong and healthy hooves 1.2 Kg

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NutriScience is proud to launch Farrier's Choice with a new and improved formulation.

Farrier's Choice is a supplementary feed to help build stronger and healthier hooves and is the latest addition to NutriScience's extensive product line.



The unique composition of Farrier's Choice supports the growth of the hoof, improves the bond in the wall of the hoof and contributes to the resistance and hardness of the horn. It is ideal for horses prone to cracking, splitting and crushing of the hoof horn, where there is a problem with slow growth, and for horses with brittle or soft hoof walls.

  • Product information

    How does it work?

    Biotin is present in high concentrations because there are a number of clinical studies that demonstrate improved hoof quality and condition and growth rate from long-term administration of biotin to horses with hoof horn problems (Comben et al., 1984; Buffa et al., 1992; Geyer &. Schulze, 1994; Josseck et al., 1995; Zenker et al., 1995; Reilly et al., 1998). For horses prone to hoof problems, it is necessary to constantly feed biotin.

    Zinc and copper are essential microminerals that are key to a healthy hoof horn, but are lacking in feed. This means that zinc supplementation pays off, as poor hoof horn quality may be associated with suboptimal zinc intake (Coenen & Spitzlei, 1997; Hihami, 1999).

    Seaweed is a traditional supplement for healthy hooves and is rich in iodine, which counteracts natural feed deficiencies. Iodine deficiency causes coarse, dry keratinized tissues (Safer, 2011), which affects hair, skin and hooves.

    MSM and methionine are rich sources of sulfur, which is an integral part of the keratinous hoof protein, so supplementation can improve the internal strength of the cornea.


    Farrier's Choice has a unique combination of biotin, DL methionine, lysine and sulfur-rich MSM. It also contains the seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum plus the essential microminerals zinc and copper, which are the building blocks of the hoof horn and support the formation of keratin (the hoof wall protein). Farrier's Choice maintains the quality of the hoof by promoting good growth and contributing to a strong, flexible and hard hoof horn.

    In our experience, the quality of the horn on the crown improves after 8 - 10 weeks of FarrierChoice dosing. 

  • Composition of the product and its ingredients

    For a dose of 30 g: 

    Biotin 30mg
    MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) 5,000 mg
    Fine seaweed 10,000 mg
    Dextrose 7337mg
    DL methionine 4,500 mg
    Zinc glycinate 360 mg
    Lysine 1000mg
    Copper glycine 24mg
    Apple flavor 250mg

  • Dosage

    Horses (500 kg):
    Serve with feed 30 g / day.

    For optimal effect, the feeding time should be at least 6 weeks.  Feeding for a long time is trouble-free and improves results.

    The 1.2 Kg package lasts 40 days. 

    Batch price / day: 1.80 €

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