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ArthriAid Omega Comprehensive Joint Nutrition for Dogs

ArthriAid Omega Comprehensive Joint Nutrition for Dogs

VAT Included

ArthriAid ™ Omega for Dogs and Cats is a comprehensive nutrition designed to nourish, protect and regenerate articular cartilage and tissues. Many dogs and cats need help with cartilage recovery to reduce the risk of deterioration. ArthriAid ™ helps naturally treat damaged joints, cartilage restoration and increases mobility.


Symptoms : stiffness of joints, stiffening of front and back paws, stiffness and immobility in older dogs and cats

  • Product information

    Glucosamine is an amino acid and helps in the production of cartilage in the body. Chondrotin Sulfate helps maintain lubrication and shock absorption of joints.



    MSM is a naturally occurring sulfur compound that helps alleviate shocks and improves joint mobility.



    Hyaluronic acid (HA) was added to increase efficiency. It is the main component of synovial fluid, a natural oil for the joints. Synovial fluid is a basic viscous substance that lubricates the joints throughout the body.



    Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids have a positive effect on the inflammatory process in the joints.


  • Feed Recommendations

    Animal weight / Recommended daily dose

    (initial dosage)

    (1 pump = 2.5 ml) ****

    Weight - Dosage

    <5 kg / 5 ml daily

    5 - 10 kg / 10 ml daily

    10 - 20 kg / 15 ml daily

    20 - 30 kg / 20 ml daily

    Above 30 kg / 25 ml daily


    After 14-21 days, the dose may be halved to prevent cartilage protection.

  • Composition of the product and its ingredients

    1 x pump 2.5 ml - 

    Glucosamine HCL - 300 mg 

    MSM - 125 mg 

    Chondrotin Sulfate - 120 mg 

    Omega 3 - 38 mg 

    Vitamin C - 25 mg 

    Vitamin E - 25 mg 

    Manganese sulfate - 1.25 mg 



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