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Perform Aid for dogs

Perform Aid for dogs

VAT Included

PerformAid  - gives the dog more energy during the entire period of exercise. 


A scientifically designed nutritional supplement that helps maximize a dog's performance, develops muscles, increases endurance, reduces body fat and shortens recovery time.



  • Product information

    Fitness training is designed to increase the development of muscles and endurance of the dog. Intense exercise can cause muscle damage.

    PerformAid allows dogs to train  more active. Accelerates recovery  after training, prevents  proteolysis or muscle damage.

    PerformAid  contains a leucine derivative called beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB).  Studies show that dietary supplementation can maximize performance by increasing aerobic capacity in canine athletes. 

    Maltodextrin  is a  oligosaccharide  a  nutritional  add - on for  athletes  and physically active dogs. It is formed by combining five molecules  glucose.

    It is used to increase energy intake. It is a complex of compound  sugars, supplied continuously after use  glucose  into the bloodstream and suitably replenishes muscle  glycogen.


  • Dosage

     Measuring cup once a day 

    Serve at least 10 days before the competition. 

  • Composition of the product and its ingredients

    HMB (Beta Hydroxy Beta Methyl Butyrate)




    Thiamine B1

    Maltodextrin oligosaccharide 


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