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Multivitamin Supplement RevitalAid for dogs and cats

Multivitamin Supplement RevitalAid for dogs and cats

VAT Included

RevitalAid provides a complete combination of minerals and vitamins to provide the necessary daily dose for dogs and cats.


It contains 18 important vitamins for the overall functioning of the body.


Promotes health and vitality.


It strengthens the immunity, memory and activity of the cardiovascular system.


When to use: after illness, during convalescence and regeneration, during post-trauma, infections, after surgery, during pregnancy

  • Product information

    Revital Aidwas specially developed to supplement the necessary vitamins and minerals. It increased  and strengthened the immunity of the whole organism.

    An ideal supplement during the period of physical exertion or during the old age of dogs and cats.


    Revital Aid:

    • adds necessary vitamins and minerals at any age  
    • by regular feeding you will increase overall immunity
    • improves the condition of dogs and cats
    • in pregnant women, it supports the proper course of pregnancy and supplements minerals and vitamins during lactation
    • clinically tested for two decades 
    • without artificial colors and preservatives


  • Dosage

    Administration is suitable:

    • throughout the growth of puppies and kittens, supports defense and is very suitable for changing teeth
    • as a supplement to Barf (when feeding raw or cooked food)
    • dogs with higher physical load
    • pregnant and lactating bitches due to the content of important vitamins and minerals
    • in old age, when the ability to absorb food is reduced





    Animal weight / Recommended dosage

    Weight / Dosage

    Up to 5 kg / 2.5 ml per day

    5 - 10 kg / 5 ml per day

    10 - 20 kg / 10 ml per day

    more than 20 kg / 15 ml per day

  • Composition of the product and its ingredients

    1 pump - mg / kg  

    Vitamin C 14400 mg

    Vitamin B3 11800 mg

    Vitamin E 115200 mg

    Vitamin A 10400 mg

    Vitamin D3 6000 mg

    Vitamin B2 3940 mg, 

    Vitamin B6 970 mg,

    Vitamin B1 900 mg,

    Folic acid 220 mg

      Biotin  110 mg

    Vitamin B12 70 mg

    Choline chloride 0.18 mg

    Trace elements mg / kg: 

    Zinc (E6) as zinc sulphate 36940 mg

    Iron (E1) as ferrous AA chelate 25910 mg

    Selenium (E8) as L-selenomethionine 20000 mg

    Manganese (E5) as manganese (II) sulfate 1460 mg

    Iodine (E2) as potassium iodide 590 mg

      Copper (E4) as copper (II) sulfate 10 mg

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