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Ultra E-natural vitamin for active dogs

Ultra E-natural vitamin for active dogs

VAT Included

Maximum sports performance requires strong and healthy muscles. Ultra E  provides a mixture of vitamin E and organic selenium to ensure optimal health and nutrition of dog muscles.
Best used in conjunction with PerformAid.



  • Product information

    Selenium and vitamin E are the two main antioxidants that neutralize toxic free radicals. Together, they work to rapidly neutralize these toxic by-products formed during the oxidation process. Selenium acts inside muscle cells, while vitamin E protects cell membranes.
    Active dogs need more antioxidant nutrients to fight the very high levels of toxic free radicals produced during intense exercise.


    Ultra E contains  L-methionine, which is an essential amino acid that is an important component of proteins responsible for a diverse spectrum of various physiological functions in the body. It supports the production of collagen and even has an effect on good mood. Unlike many other amino acids, the body cannot make it and is thus dependent on its dietary intake.

  • Dosage

    Administer in the morning ration. 1 scoop contains 200 micrograms of vitamin E.

    During training: 1/4 scoop (50 micrograms)

    Before the competition:  1 scoop (200 milligrams) including the race

    During the competition: 1/2 measuring cup (100 micrograms)




  • Composition of the product and its ingredients

    D-alpha-tocopheryl  acid

    Vitamin E 



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